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What are your questions?

  • What are my core religious commitments, spiritual beliefs, and moral values? 

  • How do I reconcile my doubts with my faith? 

  • How is the current political and public health crisis challenging my religious beliefs?

  • Do I hold unhealthy religious beliefs or carry spiritual wounds? 

  • When and where do I encounter God and the divine? 

  • How does my sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression inform my spiritual life? 

  • What do my dreams mean? Have I had a mystical experience?

  • How do I maintain hope in a turbulent and troubled world?

  • Why do bad things happen to me? What is my joy?

  • What kind of spiritual practice would be good for me?

  • Does prayer work? How should I pray? To whom should I pray?

  • How can I live a more spiritually fulfilled life?


Perhaps you would like a companion

to walk with you on your spiritual journey.

May I join you?

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