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A 60-minute spiritual guidance session for an individual or small group

generally follows this format whether on Zoom or in-person


Greeting and welcome


Brief check-in


Candle lighting, setting the altar, and creating the sacred space


Brief reading or chant


Telling your soul story


Silence and contemplation

Identifying themes and images


Contemplative prayer or chant


‘Soul Work’ take-home spiritual practice


Sharing gratitude


Extinguishing the candle and parting


Rest and reflection

Bring a meaningful object, poem, reading, scripture, or photo for the altar. 60-minute sessions are scheduled as often as you desire. 90-minute sessions can be arranged. Zoom and in-person sessions available. Please call or e-mail me to arrange a free 30-minute consultation by Zoom or telephone at a time of your convenience. Services are provided on a sliding-fee scale. Please comply with the 48-hour cancellation and postponement policy.

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