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Spiritual guidance or companionship (traditionally called spiritual direction) inspires people to experience authenticity in their lives as they connect with and explore the ground of all being, the deep truth beyond life and death that goes by many names – God, Holy One, Divine Presence, Spirit of Life, The Beloved, Adonai, Allah – and is, ultimately, beyond naming.


What is a spiritual guide or companion?

  • Spiritual guides support people on their spiritual journeys through life. 

  • Spiritual guides are welcoming and present with those they companion, listening and responding without being judgmental.

  • Spiritual guides are contemplative and honor silence as a spiritual practice.

  • Spiritual guides recognize the agency of the people they companion.

  • Spiritual guides are intuitive spiritual friends — accountable and compassionate, hospitable and open, loving yet independent.


Why work with a spiritual guide or companion?

  • We offer deep listening that helps you find and follow your own spiritual path.

  • We ask insightful, open-ended questions that help you connect with your authentic self.

  • We allow space for stillness, silence, and contemplation to help you become aware of what is deep within you.

  • We build trust and openness by being authentic, kind, and open ourselves.

  • We do not proselytize nor seek to influence or convince but, instead, we walk alongside you as you walk your individual and unique spiritual journey.

  • We honor your free will and discernment, especially in spiritual matters.

  • We offer you a mirror so you may see yourself as a whole and integrated human/divine being.

  • We help you create a stronger relationship with self and others as you come to a fuller understanding of the divine.

Adapted from Spiritual Directors International

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