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Dear Spiritual Seeker —

Beyond our day to day routines, deeper than moments of joy and loss, greater than the world we see and know, we live with profound questions: Who or what is God in my life? What is my life’s purpose? Why do bad things happen to me? Where do I find joy? How can I live a more spiritually fulfilled life? What happens to me when I die? 

     People, perhaps you yourself, who ask and live these questions are spiritual seekers. You may consider yourself a religious person or not. You may or may not be an active member of a church, synagogue, mosque, or temple. You may have grown up in a religious community or have no religious background. You may be committed to a spiritual practice of prayer or meditation, journaling or devotional reading, or yoga or tai chi — or wish to begin a meaningful spiritual practice.

     The journey of the spirit is a wondrous and soul-satisfying adventure, opening your heart and mind to new ideas, new ways of being, new ways of living.


     Perhaps you’ve had experiences that you can’t explain or understand: Vivid dreams with magical, unexplainable images. “Aha” moments when an insight or inspiration breaks through your consciousness. Transcendent encounters in nature or with art, poetry, literature, or music. An interaction with a loved one, friend, or stranger that touched a tender place or challenged your way of thinking and being.

     The journey of the spirit is all this and more once you become aware and open to the possibilities, the wonder, and the wisdom that are within you and around you. If you are ready to take your spiritual journey to a deeper and wider place, if you’d like to bring your inner life and outer life into alignment, if you seek to live a life of integrity and wholeness, I’d like to be your spiritual companion and walk with you at this time in your life.

     I offer compassionate, respectful, and wholehearted spiritual companionship and guidance to seekers of all ages, different faith traditions (or no faith tradition), and all walks of life. I draw from a deep spiritual well: An M.Div. degree from Harvard Divinity School; 20 years of experience in congregational ministry and pastoral care; a certificate in spiritual guidance from the Rowe Center in Massachusetts; years of engagement with the interfaith community; affiliation with the Spiritual Life Center in West Hartford, All Souls Unitarian Universalist Congregation in New London, and Spiritual Directors International; and my own spiritual quest that continues to open and challenge me to new ways of thinking, feeling, and being.

     I provide regularly scheduled, 60-minute spiritual guidance sessions to individuals in Norwich and New London County, Connecticut, and beyond by Zoom or in-person. I guide small groups with theme-based, multi-session programs as well. I also create and officiate important rites of passage including child blessings, marriages, house blessings, funerals, and memorial services. I’m available to speak to religious and community organizations on a variety of religious and spiritual topics.

     Please call or e-mail me to arrange a free, 30-minute consultation by telephone or Zoom at a time of your convenience. Services and programs are provided on a sliding-fee scale.

     I look forward to meeting you and accompanying you on your journey.


Peace and blessings,

David M. Horst

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